Expert High-Stakes, Small & Large Meeting Facilitation


No matter why you are holding a small or large meeting that includes genuine discussion and dialogue, it often pays to bring in a well-briefed, experienced external facilitator like Roy to keep everyone focused and moving forward towards a common goal. When the stakes are high – Roy can be trusted to deliver.

For those meetings where there’s an ‘elephant in the room’ that needs ‘managing’.


So, if you have a meeting or conference which may (or should) include some ‘difficult’ conversations, but you or your senior team are afraid to address them, Roy can help you. And then guide everyone during the event. Roy has worked on conferences and meetings that were highly-charged – such as mass redundancies, hostile mergers and other ‘bad news’ scenarios.

Roy is the creator of the TIFO Facilitation Model

T = Trust. I = Intention. F = Facts. O = Opinions


He has facilitated countless ‘deep-dive’ corporate, not-for-profit, public-sector and medical advisory boards.

Download a comprehensive list of the ‘package’ of services Roy includes within his fee as your facilitator – all at no extra charge.

Expert small group, ‘C’ suite and advisory board facilitation.

Download this brochure if you hold medical meetings of any type or size.

Toastmasters magazine (global circulation 360,000 approx) featured Roy and his facilitation work) with this article entitled “Comfortable with Chaos”. To download a pdf of this article, click on the image (right).

“I have met, and experienced, Roy on numerous occasions over the years. On one recent occasion, he has moderated [facilitated] our HP Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) NonStop Customer Council, a gathering of C-level executives of our most important HP NonStop EMEA customers, where Roy was the facilitator for this 2-day meeting. This is not a marketing meeting! This meeting serves as an important evaluation of the business relationship HP NonStop has with these customers; positive as well as negative, and always highly sensitive, information gets discussed in this, at times, highly charged meeting. Roy’s role as facilitator for this meeting requires him to be sensitive to the issues being presented, add himself in where the meeting is heading into a “dead-end”, and equally important, he knows when to just be quiet and let things flow! One of his welcome trademarks is his knack for asking the difficult questions, which, for whatever reason, are not being asked (either of the customer or of HP NonStop). His keen sense of timing, his ability to think on his feet, add humor when appropriate or required, all have made Roy a welcome repeat host for not just our HP NonStop customer council, but other events as well! Roy understands, that the facilitator role is not a “show-case” for him, but a role to make the meeting the best it can be. His personality and professionalism put the organizers at ease, and creates excitement in, and for, the audience, wondering what he will do or say next! I encourage you to experience him yourself in one of your next events. You and your event will be better for it!”

Mike Hurst

Director, Global Field Marketing, HP

“Roy has worked as a moderator [facilitator] for large events and smaller executive events. Roy works well with an international audience demonstrating professionalism, enthusiasm and respect. He is particularly good at encouraging full involvement and engagement from all.” 

Neil Pringle

NonStop Director EMEA, , HP

Read this article by Roy on how to brief a facilitator. From LinkedIn Pulse.

“Roy worked in a role as both a facilitator and in building client testimonials. As well as a very rapid appreciation of the key areas of the business, Roy has an excellent nature with the ‘audience’ and clients alike. Never condescending and always smart. He didn’t let companies take the easy approach with employee sessions and really delivered great value.”

Cath Rawcliffe

VP Sales & Marketing, Simcorp, and formerly ACI Worldwide

Expert Large Conference Facilitation

Roy is a master facilitator at large international conferences. Whether the audience is 100, 6,300 (Barcelona in 2016)  or even 9,000 (Las Vegas) Roy is equally at home in front of the audience chairing complex panel discussions, interviewing senior executives and audience members.

Roy brings events to life with his humour, energy and most importantly, his deep knowledge of the issues and challenges being faced by the assembled group. He always represents the ‘conscience’ of his audiences. When English is not the first language of attendees he is renowned for speaking slowly and clearly enough to be understood, and has a finely developed ‘radar’ to pick up on comments from speakers and contributors which could be misunderstood.

He has worked as an international facilitator for some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations. He has been asked back time and again to moderate ‘private’ conferences for the Olympic movement held in Lausanne, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro. He has moderated conferences for the world’s largest trade association – the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) in Rome, Dubai, Cape Town, Istanbul, New York and their flagship event RECON in Las Vegas (attended by 53,000 delegates).

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) hold an annual congress attended by 6,000+. Roy was MC/facilitator and a workshop speaker in Hamburg (2015), Barcelona (2016) and Vienna (late 2017).

“We were looking for a moderator/facilitator for the opening and closing ceremonies of our annual conference but Roy delivered so much more. His professionalism and very British sense of humour transformed our conventionally stiff events into entertaining, interactive shows – exactly what was needed to get things off the ground. By generating a lively atmosphere, he succeeded in connecting people who might not otherwise have met each other and left a lasting impression with all of us. If you have ever the chance to work with him – do it.”

Andreas Felser

Executive Director, European Association of Nuclear Medicine


In the 1980s and early 90s, Roy was on TV and radio almost every day. Just about everything he did was live. Things could (and did) go wrong. One of his earliest BBC bosses gave him this advice “Roy, just about anyone can do this job when things are going well. You are paid for when things go wrong.” He has always remembered that sage advice.

Working both regionally and nationally for the BBC, he presented countless music and interview-based programmes, including the Sony Award winning “In the News” on BBC Radio 4. And he hosted a prime-time interview show on London’s talk station LBC radio.

This experience, over many years, has led to Roy’s reputation as a world-renowned conference facilitator. He thinks quickly on his feet, He does not need ‘hand-holding’ like so many expensive celebrities. He makes sure he is fully briefed by understanding the issues, challenges and mindset of his audiences and gives total and absolute attention to what is going on.  He responds quickly and appropriately to on-stage dramas. He gained this depth of experience during nearly a decade working as a ‘live’ network BBC radio and TV presenter and reporter.

He is also acknowledged as the European expert on building profitable business relationships through networking and referrals and has spoken at conferences all over the world. He has worked as a visiting lecturer at Cranfield and Henley Business School’s full-time MBA courses.

His books include “Meet Greet and Prosper”, “Rapid Result Referrals” and “Your Personal Survival Guide to the 21st Century.” In 2008 he co-wrote (with Mary T Cleary) and published “Venus: The Dark Side”.

In October 2010 he published “How to be The One” which became the subject of a two page spread in YOU, the UK’s top circulation women’s magazine (part of The Mail on Sunday) and was a lead story on’s Lifestyle website.

July 2013 saw the simultaneous publication of Dear Son: what I wish I’d known at your age and Dear Daughter: what I wish I’d known at your age. These are gift books from parents and grandparents to every 15 to 25 year old. Described by The Mature Times as “The best gift you can give a teenager”

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