Introducing The TIFO Model

Conflict, uncertainty, confusion and fear in the workplace are common issues faced by facilitator Roy Sheppard. Here he shares TIFO, his theoretical framework.

T = Trust. I = Intentions. F = Facts. O = Opinions.


“Whenever I’m faced with highly-emotional client problems, the first thing I’ve trained myself to notice is how some people can be brilliant at expressing their opinions so eloquently they take on the appearance of being ‘facts’. But they are still just opinions. ‘Difficult’ people can be particularly adept at creating this illusion. Separating facts from opinions is always the first step towards resolving differences.”


TIFO Tip 1 – Ask this question often “Is this a fact or a well-expressed opinion?” In my experience, people are stunned into temporary silence as they are forced to question their own statements, perhaps for the first time. Keep following-up by asking for further clarification until you finally arrive at the verifiable facts.

TIFO Tip 2 – Focus on the ‘intention’ behind someone’s behaviour, rather than what happened. Don’t ever assume or guess. Ask. This also works in a marital environment; if you’re ever irritated or angry with your partner, find out what their intention was. If they were trying to do the right thing but it turned out badly – give them a break!

TIFO Tip 3 – Inextricably linked to ‘intention’ is ‘trust’. We trust those who consistently demonstrate their genuine concern for the needs of others. We distrust those whose primary focus is themselves. Where ever there is fear or uncertainty, we naturally revert to self-interest. Therefore, rebuilding trust must become the top priority (or intention) once you’ve separated facts from opinions.

TIFO TIP 4 – Play with TIFO by applying it just about anything; BREXIT, Trump or other media stories. It’s a fun way to cut through the chaff and see what’s really going on!


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